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Outpatient Medical Services


Outpatient Medical Services

Blood Transfusions

Anemia is common in the elderly, who are often frail and may be in long-term care settings.  Blood transfusions are also a critical issue for patients with chronic diseases such as heart failure and chronic kidney disease; to name a few.
At The Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care, outpatient blood transfusions can be scheduled quickly to meet the patient’s specific needs, including evenings and weekends; 24 hours per day, seven days a week.  Patients receive attentive care in a healing, comforting and quiet environment, conveniently located on the first floor of The Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care.  Parking is free and located just outside the Hospital entrance.  
“The nurses were amazing, they treated me like family.   I was nervous, but they made me feel at ease.  Each one explained whatever they were going to be doing and were completely caring and thoughtful.  They were awesome." 
♥ Grateful patient Fabiola Bidwell
Learn how your physician can schedule your blood transfusion at The Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care by calling Central Intake at 860.218.2323.

 Infusions -  Prolia and Reclast

Osteoporosis is a highly prevalent chronic disease in the United States and worldwide.  The most serious consequences of this disorder are fractures, which have a serious negative impact on quality of life and are often the trigger for accelerated deterioration.  Despite the availability of effective preventive treatments, osteoporosis is frequently under-diagnosed and/or under-treated, particularly among the elderly, who are also at greatest risk.  The management of osteoporosis involves improving bone health via adequate nutrition, calcium and vitamin D supplements, and fall prevention strategies. Although these measures are important in the management of all patients, most elderly patients are likely to need additional pharmacological therapy to adequately reduce their fracture risk.  Talk to your care provider about scheduling your next infusion at The Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care. 
Please click here to print out the paperwork to give to your Primary Care Provider. 
For more information, contact Central Intake at 860.218.2323.

Geriatric Consultations

Geriatric Consultations are offered through the Connecticut Geriatric Specialty Group; Hebrew Senior Care's physician practice.  To make an appointment for a consultation or find out more information please call 860.523.3801 or email sfloyd@hebrewseniorcare.org.
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