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"Most parents take their child to a pediatrician, but not all adults think about being treated by a geriatrician or cared for in a facility specializing in the care of older adults. They should!” says Dr. Ava Pannullo, Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director of The Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care. 

At The Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care we understand that no one wants to go to a hospital.  However, there are times when either your clinical care needs or a loved one's care needs increase to the point where care at home is no longer a safe option.  The Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care has an acute care medical unit and a behavioral health unit which serves the unique needs of seniors who do not require the services of a large tertiary hospital. 



At The Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care we offer direct admission.  All that is required is a physician referral. Referrals can be accepted from physician offices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and/or hospital emergency departments. The Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care offers physicians and their older patients an improved alternative to hospital emergency rooms.   

​"Dr. Pannullo clearly loves what she does, and I never feel rushed.  We are grateful that she has chosen to make geriatrics her life's work."    Grateful Family Member

In 2017, The Hospital for Senior Care ranks #1 in Connecticut for the reduction of hospital incurred infections according to the CMS. 


Financial Information

Should you need financial assistance for hospital services contact Financial Services at 860-523-3909.  

The links below provide our Financial Services policy and Financial Aid Requirements and Application.

Hospital Financial Assistance Plain Language Summary

Hospital Financial Assistance Policy 

Hospital Financial Assistance Application

Hospital Financial Assistance Program - Schedule A




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